All of our cakes are made from scratch with the finest ingredients, which are locally sourced as much as possible. We strictly do not use any processed or packaged cake mixes or frostings/fillings/flavourings.


Vanilla Sponge

A light vanilla bean sponge with a vanilla buttercream 

Chocolate Sponge

A light chocolate sponge with a chocolate buttercream 


Marble Cake

A mixture of Chocolate and Vanilla sponges in each layer and filled with a vanilla buttercream. 

Lemon Sponge

A lemon sponge with a lemon or vanilla buttercream. 

(If you like it extra zingy ask us to add our homemade lemon curd!) 

Red Velvet Cake 

A moist red velvet cake. Available with either a cream cheese or vanilla buttercream. * 


Chocolate Mud Cake 

A moist chocolate mud cake with a chocolate buttercream 

White Chocolate Mud Cake

A moist white chocolate mud cake with a vanilla buttercream 


Caramel Mud Cake

A moist caramel mud cake. Available with either a Caramel ganache or a vanilla buttercream. 


White Chocolate & Raspberry

A white chocolate and raspberry mud cake filled with layers of vanilla buttercream and a fresh raspberry coulis. 


Chocolate & Raspberry

A moist chocolate mud cake filled with layers of vanilla buttercream and a fresh raspberry coulis. 



A moist chocolate orange mud cake with a chocolate buttercream. 

The Extra Special


A moist chocolate mud cake with a peanut caramel and peanut buttercream.

Coconut & Lime 

A coconut and lime sponge, layered with our homemade lime curd and vanilla buttercream. 

Champagne and Strawberries 

A soft and light champagne and strawberry sponge, balanced beautifully with a strawberry coulis and a vanilla buttercream.

Rainbow Cake** 

Each layer a different colour, in any colour theme of your choosing)

Ombre Cake**

(One Colour with each layer a slightly different shade, creating an ombre effect)




We use dairy products (including eggs) and nuts in our kitchen on a daily basis, therefore traces of these products may be found in all of our cakes.


Depending on the design of your cake, we may use a layer of chocolate or white chocolate ganache to cover your cake before the fondant finish is applied. If you have a preference on this not being included or would like more details, please discuss it with us as we work through your design. 



* A cream cheese buttercream is only available on naked, semi naked or buttercream finished cake. i.e. it is not available on a fondant finished cake. 

**Rainbow and Ombre Cakes can only be made using a vanilla sponge or a white chocolate mud cake.