Frosting and sprinkles
ice cream swirl
Rose Swirl
Tube swirl
Greens and blue
Frosting and Sprinkles

Whatever the occasion, cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles are always a great choice. Choose a maximum of 3 different colours, and have them with or without sprinkles. The choice is yours!

We have 3 different styles to choose from: an ice cream swirl, a rose swirl or a tube swirl. 

Flavour wise, choose from vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge or have a mix box of both. 

Size Options

Standard Size box  = $55

(Each box contains 12 standard size cupcakes)

Mini/Bitesize box = $60

(Each box contains 24 mini/bitesize cupcakes)

Optional extra's

Rainbow cupcakes (multiple colours as a swirl on each cupcakes) = $7.50

Include a personalised greeting card to accompany the cupcakes = $7

Include a single gold candle = $1.00